Company Overview

MULTICON Holdings Company Limited is the rising star in providing business solutions. The founders of the Company are Mr. Mosses Mwizarubi (who is also the Chief Executive Officer) and his wife Ms. Agness Sissamo. Mr. Mwizarubi is well known all over the country (Tanzania) and other parts of the world for his outstanding academic excellence, leadership and motivation skills. Being a candidate pursuing PhD (Finance) currently, having done Master of Business Administration (MBA), B.Com (Finance) and being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), having an experience as a Lecturer in Higher Learning Institutions and working with the Bank of Tanzania (Central Bank), Mr. Mwizarubi has acquired skills and developed a network of people from different professions and backgrounds that enable him to be a competent stakeholder in providing business solutions. On the other hand, Ms. Agness as well, being the holder of MSc. Finance and Investment and BA (Statistics), and having an outstanding working experience in the banking industry, has acquired skills and developed a network of people that enable her to be a great partner in providing business solutions. This is what motivated them to establish the Company, that was legally registered on February 14, 2013 and the Head Office is located in Arusha, Tanzania (The Geneva of Africa). The Motto of the Company is “High Quality, Great Output” and the Company is dedicated to this. The Company has employed and engages competent employees, management, consultants and business partners, all this for the sake of providing you with most favorable business solutions in different areas that might be challenging you.


Our Vision

To become a global developer of apt business solutions that lead to improved quality business outputs

Mission Statement

To offer impressive, high quality products and services to our clients that enable them to realize their full potential

Core Values

1. Professionalism
2. Respect for Others
3. Advanced Technology
4. Creativity and Innovation
5. Teamwork
6. Integrity
7. Customer Care and Support
8. Accountability
9. Loyalty and Leadership