Corporate Financial Services

We offer excellent Corporate Financial Services to our clients ranging from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Large Corporate Companies.
The professionals at MULTICON are innovative providers of financial services for business owners and their companies. Our professionals will help maximize personal income, retirement benefits and corporate profit, while controlling the cost of group insurance and employee benefits.

We at MULTICON hope your visit to our website will help you understand the opportunities and potential rewards that are available when you take a proactive approach to your financial situation. We are here to help educate you about the concepts of financial management and to give you fast, easy access to your investment data.

We base our promises on a comprehensive discovery process that tells us, and you, virtually everything you need to know about your financial situation. The professionals of MULTICON can help provide solutions to your problems while applying the priorities set forth by you.

  Our Corporate Financial Services include:
» Accounting Services and Preparation of Financial Statements
» Tax Advisory Services
» Internal and External Audits
» Funds and Cash-flow Management
» Business and Strategic Planning

    Project Consulting

We offer our clients with full range of excellent consulting services for project management and project development/feasibility studies. We are invested in your project's successful execution and stand by all of our clients, from the initial concept to its completion

We offer our clients with full range of excellent consulting services for project management and project development/feasibility studies. We are invested in your project's successful execution and stand by all of our clients, from the initial concept to its completion

As your project progresses, we will continually document each step of the process, communicate status to you in the manner and frequency of your choice, and monitor all aspects of quality assurance. We have the experience, the skills and the methods to bring your project to completion on time and on budget.

MULTICON specializes in providing Project Management services and consultation for any or all phases of a project. Our Project Managers have extensive expertise to direct, support and coordinate all aspects of your project, whether large or small. MULTICON Project Managers are proficient in overseeing and directing both internal company support work and third party subcontractors to ensure that budget and schedule constraints are met.

  Our Project Consulting Services include:
» Project Preparation and Appraisal
» Capital Mobilization and Financial and Transaction Advisory
» Performance Measurement and Efficiency Analysis
» Monitoring, Supervision and Evaluation
» Feasibility Studies

    Research Services

We at MULTICON understand the importance of research in the success and development of any organization. However we also understand that undertaking a good research is not an easy task to most of individuals. We are therefore dedicated to assist you in conducting business research including Marketing and Media-Related Research for the success of your business. Our clients range from top technology companies to educational institutions, and other governmental and Non-government entities.

Our strategically focused research team can partner with you to explore brand awareness and perceptions, define key market segments, understand usage and adoption of emerging technologies or services, create or validate messaging around a particular product or service, measure customer satisfaction, test new creativity, measure advertising effectiveness or recall, and more.

We take the traditional employee survey metrics around work environment, culture and management practices and expand it to include insights into what motivates employees. Our partnership with Motivation Factor delivers you more insight into an individual’s, teams, or organization’s ability to get and stay motivated.

Businesses know that fully engaged employees result in better business outcomes, from higher productivity and innovation to improved profitability and shareholder returns. Yet, businesses have not had a good way to measure and manage the full engagement equation until now.

  Our Research Services include:
» Costing, Pricing and Resources Solicitation
» Research Facilities and Equipments
» Research Integrity and Ethics Issues
» Data Collection, Analysis and Management
» International Best Practices

    Corporate and Institutional Support Services

We customize our investment manager solutions to meet your organization's specific requirements—no matter how complex or sophisticated.

Our vision is to earn the right to be your service provider of choice and we differentiate ourselves through a consultative and collaborative approach—together with a focus on the overall relationship rather than specific transactions.

It is about listening to you and understanding your business needs, continuous reflection on feedback, negotiating and creating value.

You can also expect that the people you will work with understand your objectives and service requirements. They will also take the time to build a good working relationship with your advisors and related service providers. By working closely with our clients, we help them achieve their business goals. We aim to understand what's important to you, and apply our expertise to help get you there. We look forward to discussing how we can help meet your organization's needs. All inquiries are welcome and will be treated confidentially. Client references are available upon request.

  Our Corporate and Institutional Support Services include:
» Recruitment Services and Human Resource Planning
» Information and Communication Systems Management
» Marketing and Innovation
» Customized Training Programs
» Translation Services

   Information and Communication Technology Services

MULTICON delivers value to its customers through unique offering of services and solutions that are cost effective and are specifically designed to meet their requirements.

We offer the most comprehensive and proven solutions that integrates your business systems with new industry standard technologies. We provide reliable operations with the latest & reliable technology for integrating your business with our ICT solutions.

We can design your system, with our expertise and experience that integrates best-in-class products and solutions to meet your business needs. We provide end to end solutions for system integration requirements that work effectively by our unique design, customer engagement, project management, implementation and support processes. MULTICON provides end-to-end system integrator services that are designed to plan, build, support, manage and improve your services.

  Our ICT Services include:
» Computer Maintanance
» Web designing
» Software Development
» Graphics Design
» General ICT Support

”Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Stephen Covey.

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